3 ingredient, DIY, DEEP conditioner

With the approach of very cold winter temperatures, together with dry air from my home's new heating system, my hair and skin have become SUPER dry. My skin is itchy and ashy, and my hair is brittle and crispy on the ends.  There is no explanation for this condition other than the weather, since I don't use … Continue reading 3 ingredient, DIY, DEEP conditioner

Staircase Word Art Project

I was just looking for a way to make the simple staircase on the way up to Jake's sleep loft really just POP! It had to be something that would be "acceptable" to a teenage kid who EATS, SLEEPS and BREATHES music so I asked him to help come up with an idea. We decided … Continue reading Staircase Word Art Project

Jake’s Sleeping Loft

In Jake's bedroom a small staircase led to a blank canvas of unused space.  We decided to make it into a sleeping loft so that the majority of his bedroom could be used for fun activities. It wasn't any major renovation, just a simple decorating project. We installed wainscotting on one wall, built a small … Continue reading Jake’s Sleeping Loft