Bacon is irreplaceable! BUT….just maybe…

It's true! Bacon can simply not be replaced. When I recently went to a Pescatarian lifestyle I knew the hardest thing about this change was going to be saying goodbye to bacon. Seriously, Steak, eh. Chicken, meh. But bacon....I mean BACON, crispy, fried, heavenly, melt in your mouth bacon!!!!!!! How could I possibly say goodbye. … Continue reading Bacon is irreplaceable! BUT….just maybe…

STARBUCKS PINK DRINK (keto version) 😮

Okay, so...I might be obsessed ❤️❤️❤️ this spring with Starbucks Pink Drink! Only, my obsession is actually with the KETO version you make yourself in your kitchen! Now mind you, this can be ordered in the store as well but only with careful planning! You see the problem is that Starbucks stores loves sugar, and … Continue reading STARBUCKS PINK DRINK (keto version) 😮

Now here’s an odd little crochet pattern!

I recently had cervical fusion surgery and ended up having to wear two different neck collars. One is hard plastic and very rigid. The other is a soft collar (the kind you have most likely seen people wearing or even worn yourself after a car accident/whiplash). I dispise both of these collars. I hate being … Continue reading Now here’s an odd little crochet pattern!

CauliMac & Cheese

What's wrong with this title? How can we call it Mac & Cheese when there is nothing even remotely resembling Macaroni in it? This is the ongoing argument between my husband John, and I. Now, while part of me agrees with him, the part that grew up on homemade, crispy topped, giant casserole dishes of … Continue reading CauliMac & Cheese

Holiday Snack Board

A snack board. Pure joy and happiness! The one pictured has a little Keto for me and a little regular for some guests. But you can easily switch out your selections for whatever crowd you're pleasing! And while you can share them year round....there's just something about a "Holiday" snack board. Think of all the … Continue reading Holiday Snack Board

Lemon Strawberry One Minute Mug Cake 

You're on the sofa, snuggled up with your love, and a soft blanket, watching  a movie...suddenly, you have a craving for something sweet, but you know you can't have the ice cream or the oreos....the carbs will TOTALLY throw your body out of ketosis, and destroy your hard work and progress.  But...with just a couple … Continue reading Lemon Strawberry One Minute Mug Cake 

Low Carb Posh Chocolate Mug Cake

These mug cakes popping up all over the place are great! I mean or two minutes to a ready to eat cake? That's amazing! But...sometimes they can be dry or disappointing.  Not this one. This one is moist, rich and decadent! With a ganache style topping. I'd go so far as to's POSH! … Continue reading Low Carb Posh Chocolate Mug Cake